Our day time moisturizer is a whipped, moisturizing cream infused with 100% pure Argan Oil made from kernels of the Argan trees that are native to Morocco. Argan Oil helps moisturize the skin, reduce Acne, and may help with sun-protection. Our cream also contains: the Reishi Mushroom, which originates from Chinese Herbal Medicine, for its multiple benefits, such as the reduction of skin inflammation, puffiness, wrinkles and free radical damage, while promoting cell regeneration; Willow Bark Extract, because it provides gentle exfoliation for more radiant skin and may help reduce acne and excess oil production, while also helping reduce the signs of aging and the appearance of wrinkles; Shea Butter, for its known healing and anti-inflammatory properties and moisture retention; and Hyaluronic Acid, because it helps retain moisture and can help reduce wrinkles.

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